3 easy steps

  • 1. Install

  • Copy and paste the following lines into RStudio to install

    devtools::install_github( "djacobs7/remembr");
  • 2. Use R like normal

    Use R normally for about ten minutes so that it can build up a personalized flashcard database.
    model = lm( iris$Sepal.Length ~ iris$Sepal.Width )
  • 3. Practice your personalized flashcards

  • Run the following code in RStudio:

    #run this line

If functions were flashcards

This R package will help you learn R and remember it; making you a better data scientist or statistician. Doesn't matter if you are brand new or have been using R forever.

There are a lot of r packages out there. You might learn about a new one in a class, at a conference, or reading an article online. You might try it out once. But you may not remember it days, or months later, when it would really come in handy. This package is designed to help you learn and remember new R packages as you encounter them. It will help you expand your toolbox.

It uses cutting edge learning theory to help determine which methods you would benefit from reviewing so that they stick in your long term memory.

Every time you type code into the R console, this package will make a note of it. It will remember which things you have done recently, and which ones were done a long time ago. Your code is automatically turned into flashcards which you can review. You can go here to learn more.

A Theory For Remembering

Driven by spaced repetition

Stop the slide down the forgetting curve

Climb the mountain of memory.

Just like flashcards for code


Let your skillset grow

Try new stuff

Do you feel like your R skillset has stagnated and like you use the same 20 methods over and over? This will encourage you to practice new methods as you discover them.

Remembers packages and methods


Frequently, when you try a new package, you will try it once, and then forget what it was. This is like having flashcards for packages, so you can practice and remember

Learn at your own pace


It can automatically email you functions to practice, or you can ask for reminders by running the flashCards method

Simple API

Not much to learn

There are a only a few methods here including flashCards , and remindPackage

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And now give it a try

3 Easy Steps